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My daughter and I are currently learning ASL. I want her to have the ability to communicate with other kids in Deaf Culture, and I hope to use it in my future practice if I need to. A friend of mine is an ASL interpreter, and she inspired me. :)

This morning, my husband and I took Buggy to a restaurant. While we were waiting for our food, I sat there and looked up the signs for "eggs" and "pancakes". Our process is, I learn them, then I teach Buggy and tell her she needs to use sign to talk to me, and she then teaches Daddy. It's a good process. Both Buggy and I make pretty good progress because we're incorporated teaching into our learning process. Daddy gets to watch Buggy make cognitive leaps and he gets to learn some ASL while he's at it. :) Win-win situation.

I had stepped out for a moment to get something out of a car and when I got back, a man was standing at our table. He was Deaf and telling Buggy how good she was doing with her signing. And then he turned to me and, as far as I can tell... I'm still a novice, he expressed how great it was that I was teaching Zoe ASL. I told him that I only know a little, but I thanked him. It made me feel so good! And getting kudos for parenting always gets my little heart all aflutter.

I'm spending a moment to hold onto this positive feeling. Neurologists say that savoring successes further encourages motivation to do more of your goal-oriented behavior.

My heart is still buzzing from the encounter.
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I haven't had a semi-public journal in over a decade and I came to the realization that perhaps it might be time to try this out again. My first experience was rather successful, considering I had made some close friendships. In recent months, I've felt that I lacked the resources to share my strengths and weaknesses with friends, to vent, piss and moan, confide, conspire, and just generally discuss things with people who are of like mind. So, it's time.

I hope you'll excuse the mess. I'm a bit of a slob, but I'm convinced that all quietly creative introverts are. Or I was raised lazy... which is a strong possibility. I work hard, and I love deeper, and I savor my experiences so that makes up for the grit.

Everyone needs a place to share their grit.


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